How to Do a proper Event/ Occasion planing.

How to Do a proper Event/ Occasion planing.

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Have you been wondering how to host your event?

Have you been thinking or planning how to host a standard occasion or event and to make it a suitable for everyone to feel excited after your occasion or event?
I heard some people complaining and making all such comments thereby 

expression their experience and observations on what they observed in the occasion,  sometimes I heard some people complaining so bad bitterly concerning the occasion they attended and the experience they have heard
Before embarking on occasion, you will have to examine the following situation;
Don’t be in a rush, take deep breath, pick a chilled coca cola and read up to the following

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Actualize your time:
This is the major reason why some event managers or planning committees, keep running heater scatter in search of solution when the time of the event approaches, actualizing time is the meaningful tactics to compromise and adhere when needed in a occasion or event. And actualizing time deals on.
Time for Red Carpet, kick off time of the Event, time for cutting of cake if cake will be involved, of which 90% of occasion or event deals with the presentation of cake.

Stage Event Design

Meet up with the committees always:
When planning about an event, you should consider having a group of committees; these are the people that will help you in planning proper in your occasion or event, any event or occasion that was held without the involving of committees is not an event but a brief meeting.
Several committees will contribute on the welfare of the improvement in other to make the event a great one.
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Schedule the activities or categories of the Event.
In scheduling the categories, you will talk about how the interface of the Event will look like, such as; presentation of an award,  the artist or actress to perform, the venue of the Event, the Disk jockey (DJ) to play, the design or stage preparation and mostly the security of the audience.

I have seen several occasions or event that the committees plan to call a big artist to perform in other to turn out audience, but due to poor management of the Event, they end up calling an upcoming artiste to perform for the Event.

Event Tents

Costume to be worn: This is the situation whereby you look at the venue of the Events, check for the Event center that will be enough to occupy a large number or looking a good tents the suite you for the Events. After you have getting all this, then proper designing of the hall or Tent is said to take place.

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