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Why is DJ needed in an occasion or Events?

This are several questions that comes after couples or committees members do ask, well, to host an Event, you must to likely have to entertain your audience or friends who are coming for you your event, do yo wanna know how??

OK listen, you will have at least 1,000 audience as the case may be, or event 200k turn out, and if this have taken place, you need not to be told that the audience will love t be entertained in other to be lively.

DJ Neptune
When doing a proper Event managing or occasions, Some do ask;

How do we know a good DJ?
hope the DJ can play a good music?
hope we will not end calling a wack DJ?
first, who is a DJ?

1. A DJ is someone who introduces and play recorded Songs in an occasion or event, or even record popular music on a radio station.

2. Can the DJ play a Good song: very sure, a DJ will play a sound and standard song for you, if you advise him of what to play, when to play and at the right time to play.. if you able to do this three things listed above, then consider your Event on a goal.

DJ Khalid

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3. Hope we will not end up calling a wack DJ : like i said if you adhere to the above mentioned in number two line of our write up, i assure you that you will never had a bad experience of your occasion or event you re planning to host.

4. To know a Good DJ, you just have to know few things about him, ask him the instrument he plays with, with, time and consequences he adhere to, in some cases, DJ's in Nigeria, and abroad, the likes of DJ Khalid, DJ Arafat , DJ xclusive, DJ Spinal and DJ Neptune. they all play with the Serato instrument while some other DJ's play Virtual DJ or some other instrument, all DJ's charge per show concerning their various Location and standard of the Event. so its left on you to pick based on your budget and rate of affordability.
DJ kaywise

when you have taking this procedures, you will surely had a wonderful event..
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