Reasons Why some Events or Occasion collapses

Reasons Why some Events or Occasion collapses

Why some Occasion collapse 

On considering of hosting an event, you should always be straight forward while planning anything on event,  have  heard in a situation that some even ended up in dead luck, just because there is no exact and proper planning for the activities.

These are the reasons why event collapse and end up in confusion or dead luck. Now, read those reasons below and take proper action on your event..

1, inappropriate planning and scheduling:

When meeting up an event, be ready that you don't plan it all alone, there is some certain cases whereby you can ask you friends or relatives to assist you, Note: this is for a small event, if you are planning for a big Event such as wedding, birthday anniversary, Burial, end of the year party, house warming party, graduation party, Age and naming ceremony, then u will need a random committee else, It will end up in collapse or shifting of date.

Date Adjustment:

This is the key cause and starting point failure of an event, irrespective of the event you're planning to fix, always make sure that you never shifted the date of the Event, its collapses an occasion or event, this is so that majority of the guess and audience have taken down the stipulated date which was first announced to them, thereby shifting the date or adjusting it can equally cause a collapse of an event and can as well cause a low turn out of the guest and it can cause Dead luck .


This is another key to be consider before making any arrangement of an event, no guests or friends will love to be entertained in a low way or an unsatisfied manner, so why embarking on an event, consider either you go for a well suited Conference hall or a well designed Tent. Doing so will always attract an audience and lastly, don't forget to make the venue in an open place , no one likes attending to an event in a hidden places.


This is the last but not the least of where we will stop today.
We all k ow that toasting of wine in an event simply means love sharing, no matter how small your event or occasion is, do ensure that you sheared Toast of wine, it simplifies Joy, love, unity. Always try to contribute more love, to your guest and the audience by presentation of wine for toasting.

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