Few difference between the Traditional Wedding and white Wedding.

Few difference between the Traditional Wedding and white Wedding.

The main ideology concerning on what marriage is all about,has been a major point in terms of argument. Many people consider marriage as an institution.Some an obligation(religion and traditional norm's) rather a blessing and a gift. The holy Bible as akin Christianity; says, that he that fine a wife. Fine good thing and obtains favor from God.

As earlier  stated as an institution. Traditionally, a marriage is recognized when the bridal price, as demanded by family of the wife(bride) collects. Only then it is formal reckon as the tradition stated. It don't just  involves bearing of children,  providing for their needs. While the religion also act after which the culture has approved of it.

Marriage based on religion is essential, for it to be bless by what the individuals involves belief on. Religion marriage is assumed by many to be the best, of which I can say yes too. Christianity holy bible talks of love not minding the wages of sin attached: be it cheating or infidelity etc. Jesus teaching from the holy scripture; against divorce but the world system(tradition) are backing it in a long running. Religion sees divorce in marriage or rather a the two individual to be defaulting.

Most ethnic group's like from the southwest and Eastern part: Ibo's and Edo that I can recall. Take oath the if at all the wife's cheat in the marriage, she goes by being responsible for her action (like insanity) but Christianity or be other religions practice may support  it.

Just as they said whoever found finds a wife finds a favor from God almighty, now here are the few difference between the Traditional Wedding and a white wedding.

Traditional wedding is been done and organized in the Tribe and the village of the Lady wedding and also done in the lady family as well. In this method, the villagers and the chief elders in council welcome the man and to know exactly who is responsible in getting married to their daughter and 

paying the bride price required in the lady’s head.  The lady who’s is wedding receives drink from his Father and gave it to her husband to drink. This signed shows that she has agreed to live her entire life with the man, they will appear in a traditional wear to prove the sign of tradition After the traditional marriage, the white wedding can now commence.

While white wedding is the process whereby the bride and the groom all went to church together to agree that they are to be pronouncing husband and wife. In this method, the wife is to appear in wedding white gown which shows purity while the man is to appear in a suit which proves gentility, when they match towards to the alter the Reverend father or pastor will lay hands on the couples and bless their marriage.

I strongly believe we have clear your difference in the above topic mention?
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