Stage preparation 

Eventmatter have been a talk of the day when it comes to mind of Event planners and Event owners. Sometimes we do see or experience when an event ended up being dismissed or been harassed in a way that troubled or bothered the owners especially in a "Show Events".

Its not an easy role to play when playing a major role in an event.

But before you start planning it hosting an event especially in Nigeria, there are several questions you ask the owner of the Events which you are about to handle, don't be shy or scared to ask the founder/owner of the avengers questions because this question will give you the guidance and strategic rules to follow before moving on with the event.

Ask questions like this;

How long will this Event last?

Is it a show Event, or a Conference?

What are the minimum and maximum people expected in the Events.?

What are the lowest cost price for Gate fee?

Will there be providing of Tickets?

Will artistes it required to come and at what rate did you plan for each?

Will you use A tent or and Event hall.?

Now , if this above following questions are been asked, I assure you that this will be as a guide to put you through on where you can start and will also directed you on where you are heading to.

Majority of Events in Nigeria ended up dead luck because the event planners and the Team didn't do the required task expected from them.

Take this above steps and you will arrive to a standard in event in Nigeria and will be a a safer size at all times and in every critical of the event.

Sometimes, to be on a safer side while handling an event, your team can as well be your brethren within the environment, so as to be there for you at all time to plan every well and meet up with each other as at when due so that there won't be a collapse. You must also organised with your team at any moment on a variety of time without number so you can be able to figure out your fault before the meeting time for the Events/occasion comes.


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