As pertain to life, their is nothing & nobody that is useless. An MC(master of ceremonies) is a career like other careers,an MC is one type of career which require so much effort to be known and like by all, take for instance; your eloquence, elegant outfitting,and to crown it all a funny personality.
They are several event that happens week in&out anchor by the master of ceremonies;such as(organization award night as the case may be, birthday party, weddings, sporting event, community gathering etc.

The roles perform by master of ceremony is Paramount and length be we will go my some few of them

*acknowledgement of attendees
*inviting the speaker on stage
*organizing of program setting (event)

facilitating: the master of ceremony crack people up the attendee during calling of the program setting that is making of jokes to keep the people happy, they use opportunities like these to take glory. The organizing the event scene at every give time or period as planned by the organizer's.
Acknowledgement of attendees: they play a vital roll in the introduction of the attendees mostly the high table personality, he calls them as the names is given to him and he acknowledges their present by calling and inviting  them at the high table for the people


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