Reasons why Tickets are been sold in an Event center.

Reasons why Tickets are been sold in an Event center.

Reason for sale of Tickets in an Event center. 

It’s no longer news that almost every event and party centers issues a written piece of paper to tag as ticket in an event center. According to a statement and operation which was carried out by our news media agent to get a specific reason why it’s so and we realized that it has been the talk of the day in Nigeria and beyond. Especially in those populated and developed city in the country such as Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt. 

Well, many assumed that it is write to issue a pay pass to the audience while some believe that it should be issued but on a low price and some concluded that a shouldn’t be involved since it’s a show and it will also require them to purchase Beverages at the point of the Event ground. 

After some thoughts and interview with some of event planners and some show organizers, we were able to come to a conclusion to draft out the specific and genuine Reason for sale of Tickets in an Event center and how it will be able to enhance to a show or in an events matters. 

Here are the few reasons below for the sale of Tickets in an Event center. 

1. To pay for the Logistics: 

We know very well that for an event to be fully standard and complete, a Good logistics is required to make sure that everything is put in place at the right time. If a proper logistics is been hired or employed in a specific event/occasion, then there is a probability that the event will be of good one and will be fully completed for good and a Good benefit will be generated. 

2. To pay for the Guest to perform. 

This is the mother of every occasion, of course guest will love to know who will perform on the show been hosted and will also feel the impact of the artist, there the Show organizers and event planners will love to bring a big artiste to perform thereby spending huge amount of fund in making this come to realistic, and by doing so the sales of tickets will be hyped. 

3. To Arrange for Shelter and security purposes. 

Actually, there is nothing you will discuss concerning a show or an occasion without the 100% security assurance for those who will be present in the event. For a person to attend a show or an event especially in a rough city like Lagos, Warri and Port Harcourt. The event planners will put in all measures to make sure that that every place is in peace and good terms, so this will lead to hiring of bouncers, Police men, and so on and so forth, doing so will also cost a huge sum of money. 

4. To purchase hall / vent centers that will suite the guest and Audience. 

Like we know very well that Show event are not been done in canopies or field, therefore the logistic and the Event planners who are organizing the events will make move to get a better hall or a Tents that will be able to occupy the amount of people nor the tickets been sold. And this too will cost much for the tickets hyping and selling of tables as well. 

5. Advertising 

This is another most expensive thing that makes a show boom and attracts much audience to be able to turn out for the show as well expected; it required a lot of money for this to be carried out in an event. Such as Radio and TV stations publicity without proper advertising, creating of hand bills, banners, flyers and logos to and doing so will consumed a lot a lot of money too. 

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