Events are more numerous in a particular county called Nigeria, especially in the western region if the country. Its not longer new to recall to the mind of the people that Western, eastern and the southern part of the country deliberate a lot in an occasion in the country.

Based on our experience and exercises been carried out, we realized that There are several parties, events, occasion and festivals been surrounded and carried out by those ethnics groups in this parts of the region in the country listed above.

In the eastern sides, we have Events like;

1. Onwa asa (7 months). This festival is done in Enyiogugu in Aboh Mbaise LGA in IMO state.

2. New yam festival. This is another festival been done by the ibos in the 19th century, its a party/events been organized in Aboh Mbaise LGA by the people in the celebrating of the havesting of new yam for the year.. Its always takes place at the 15th of august in every year.

3. Caniriv: Carniriv is one of the popular Events in the City of port harcourt on the whole, its a party / events that been organized by the Rivers state Government in the state.
Its deals on all ethnics group in the 23 LGA of the state to showcase their talent, Dance group, Football competition, dressing competitions  and lastly my will be rapped up with various top musician in the world.. Its a Good Carnival that you won't afford to miss.

4. Tinapa: this is another Events that you will be planning to attend after been present at the first time of the event.
The event is ranked as on of the event in Africa. Tinapa is a calabar carnival that attracts the lives of several foreigners , visitors and distribution people from several tribes of the world to come and united together for Peace , unity and hospitality.


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