When you invites some of your friend in an occasion /Events, you will hear some saying;


Why is event compulsory??

Well, when deliberating in such an issue concerning why if event is compulsory or not , there is one thing that must flashed to your thinking which is question like;
What kind of Event?

Moreover sincerely speaking we all know that that there is many types of events in Nigeria on the and Nigeria is one of the popular country that love to participate in Events

In the country called Nigeria, there are several events such as
Calabar carnivals (Tinapa).
Rivers State carnivals (CarniRiv).
Event shows i,e Party, Night clubs.
Crusade (Church activities).
Burial Events Ceremony.
Marriage (wedding).
End of the year party, and the rest of them. Those events attract much audience and also unite various tribes, states and countries together.

Now, why are events compulsory?  Well events are not compulsory though it’s a unique and organized way of coming to together in one way or the other to figure out particular issue on a particular moment. So for one to participate in an event doesn’t make it a compulsory task neither it’s a compulsory force to attained to.
Nigerians love events so much especially when it come to Wedding and shows, in this particular event a much crowd can be gathered in as much as the environment is secured and organized properly

How long can it take to handle an event?
What the minimum time to plan for an event?


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